Aveiro 2027 – Candidate City to European Capital of Culture will be presented

Next Saturday, June 15th, at 9:30 pm, the Infantry Regiment n.º10, in São Jacinto, hosts the public presentation of the Aveiro 2027 – Candidate City for European Capital of Culture project.

Supported by the energy of its communities, the richness of its heritage, the vitality of its creators and the dynamics of its scientific and business sector, Aveiro aspires to be an international reference for the way it places Culture and Creativity at the center of its social, educational, economic and urban life, opening itself up to Europe and the world.</p>

We therefore appeal to the participation of all Citizens at this important moment for the Municipality of Aveiro, an initiative to strengthen the commitment to public policies that privilege the qualification of the cultural offer, the establishment of new artistic and creative agents in the territory and the positioning of the City in the national and European context.