Exhibition by Gonçalo M. Tavares at Teatro Aveirense

Until the 30th November it will be possible to visit the exhibition, “Grandiosos Caminhos Feitos com Pequenos Pés” (“Great Journeys Made with Little Feet”), at the Sala Estúdio of Teatro Aveirense. The show is curated by Gonçalo M. Tavares and is part of the “Bairro Europa” (“European Neighbourhood”) project, developed by the writer for Aveiro’s […]

Aveiro 2027 at the Berlin Conference

Aveiro 2027  took part in the European discussion about the responsibility of cities, regions and their citizens for the success of the European project and its future at the Berlin Conference 2022 “Co-Creating Europe From the Bottom-up!”. The meeting was held on the 8th and 9th of November, bringing together artists, intellectuals, mayors, civic organisations, […]

Culture Next Conference gathered 26 cities in Aveiro

Aveiro’s European dimension was particularly active at the 8th Culture Next Conference, hosted by this city from the 12 th to the 14 th of October, gathering 26 cities from 16 European countries. The network’s program focuses on empowering member organizations, planning annual conferences and meetings, and developing a platform for the promotion of member […]

Aveiro handed its final bid book

The city of Aveiro delivered its final bid book for the European Capital of Culture in 2027. The document was handed in Lisbon by José Pina, responsible for the Candidacy Executive Committee. José Pina states that “a work of more than three years of preparation, planning, outlining, dialogue and consultation has been carried out, which […]

The new Culture Next network conference will be held in Aveiro

Aveiro will host the 8th Culture Next Conference. The event takes place from the 12th to the 14th of October, at a fundamental moment for this network and for the European Capital of Culture project. Culture Next is an informal network dedicated to mutual support and collaboration between cities currently or previously candidates for European […]

Concert series with the Aveiro 2027 seal

About to celebrate its twentieth anniversary, Sons em Trânsito has just launched a video series called 7naSET cycle. It’s a series of concerts recorded at the company’s headquarters in Aveiro, with several artists from the Portuguese music scene: Pedro Abrunhosa, Ana Bacalhau, IRMA, Bárbara Bandeira, MEMA., Rita Redshoes and Tiago Nacarato. Seven episodes with performances […]

Former school building will be the new Creative Change Academy

An important step has been taken towards the creation of the Creative Change Academy, a new place for culture in Aveiro. This step forward consists of transferring the former Colégio Alberto Souto building, previously belonging to the Portuguese Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Justice, to the Municipality of Aveiro, which will manage the […]

Prisma festival announces two open calls

PRISMA / Art Light Tech festival has two open calls for its next edition. Two opportunities for the community to take part in the event and show their work at its fourth edition. Repeating an initiative already presented in previous years, the open call for the third edition of the School of Videomapping is aimed […]

Aveiro Tech City looks for creative and cultural entities for STEAM arts residencies

Applications for this year’s “STEAM Artistic Residencies” are open until the 19th of September. This is an Aveiro Tech City initiative that aims to link the creative and cultural sector to the Aveiro City Council (CMA) within the scope of the STEAM Education strategy that has been implemented in in the Municipality’s schools. The artistic […]

Aveiro 2027 presents an exhibition around memory

Until August 8, ATLAS Aveiro will host the exhibition “Memory – Aveiro: People, Images and Objects”, curated by Larissa Lewandoski. The exhibition is part of Bairro da Europa [Europe Neighborhood], a project developed by the writer Gonçalo M. Tavares and part of Aveiro’s bid for European Capital of Culture, which comprises an extensive collection of […]