Aveiro 2027 project presented to the international jury

The project Aveiro 2027 – Candidate City to European Capital of Culture presented its bidbook to the jury chosen by the European Commission. This pre-selection hearing took place at Centro Cultural de Belém, in Lisbon, before 12 independent jurors of various nationalities, to whom the general lines of the candidature dossier were exposed, with the opportunity to ask questions.


The Aveiro 2027 delegation was composed by ten individuals, representing the various areas of the candidature programme. They were Sónia Almeida (from the Aveiro 2027 Executive Committee and head of the Culture and Tourism Division of the Aveiro City Hall), Filipe Teles (from the Aveiro 2027 Executive Committee and pro-rector of the Aveiro University), Martim Sousa Tavares (coordinator of the Aveiro 2027 Cultural Programme), Michela Magas (curator of the Aveiro 2027 international projects), João Pedro Rosa (coordinator of the Aveiro 2027 Participation Programme), Natasa Golosin (responsible for the Volunteering Program of Aveiro 2027), Hugo Branco (artist and curator of Aveiro 2027 projects), Matilde Cardoso (participant in one of the cultural projects of Aveiro 2027) and Carlos Martins (member of the Executive Committee of Aveiro 2027), to which were added Miguel Craveiro (technical support), André Cester Costa (Head of the Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Division of Aveiro City Hall) and José Pina (Coordinator of the Executive Committee of Aveiro 2027). The team was led by José Ribau Esteves, President of the Strategic Council of Aveiro 2027 and Mayor of Aveiro Municipality, the entity promoter of the candidature.


The next step of the process is the short-list of cities that will go through to the final selection phase, to be publicly announced at a press conference on 11 March at 5.30 p.m. (time to be confirmed), at the Centro Cultural de Belém. The final selection meeting with the finalist cities will take place in Lisbon in the fourth quarter of this year.


A press conference is scheduled for next March 15th, at 6:45 p.m., at Aveirense Theatre, in which the Aveiro 2027 bidbook will be publicly presented.


The contribution of the people of Aveiro was and is on a daily basis and culture happens in the most diverse gestures, making this territory a special place.
Director Andrew Dubber met some of these people and gives his testimony through a video, where he shows an outsider’s look at our reality and challenges.