Aveiro 2027 wins communication award

The new Aveiro 2027 campaign has just been awarded in the prestigious Lusos, Lusophone Creativity Awards. The campaign, designed by FCB Lisboa, was distinguished in the category of best Outdoor media and has been on the streets of Aveiro since March, in addition to its digital dissemination.
This Aveiro 2027 campaign takes culture and overcoming as key elements, with illustration and text as its protagonists. It has 12 messages to be known until the end of the year, having been chosen the sentence “Cultura é só outro nomes que damos à vida” (“Culture is just another name we give to life”) as the starting point.
With this action, the Aveiro 2027 project proposes a message of hope for the entire community, reinforcing the idea that culture is transversal to all aspects of life and a factor of unity. The campaign is being presented in various media, physical and digital, in a logic of increasing evolution, having a local, regional and national dimension.
As for the Lusophone Creativity Awards, also known as Lusos, they are the oldest international festival of advertising, design and communication based in Portugal, and also the only dedicated to highlight, exclusively, the advertising and communication markets of the Portuguese speaking countries. It also has the originality of not happening once a year, as usual, but throughout the year, because the organizers consider it more fair to evaluate the work of the agencies in the 365 days of the calendar instead of those   created at a specific time and purposefully for festivals. With this model, the event has attracted the participation of the largest and most prestigious agencies in all Portuguese speaking countries, making the Lusophone Awards an unparalleled and prestigious international award.