Brand Aveiro 2027 links the candidature with society

The second phase of implementation of the Aveiro 2027 – Candidate City for European Capital of Culture’ brand is underway. Municipal buildings become, from now on, spaces for visual contact with the candidature, displaying its logo and image, in a new stage of the change process that this project assumes and has under development.

With this new phase it deepens the aproach of the candidature to the population, cultivating a greater connection between Citizens and Aveiro’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture. This involvement is, moreover, one of the key parts of the process, with a growing number of initiatives in this sense, in a strategy that will go through several stages.

Under the motto “And it changes everything”, Aveiro’s Candidacy for the European Capital of Culture in 2027 is based on 4 fundamental pillars, which also integrate the image of the “Aveiro 2027” brand: Culture, Nature, Tech & Soul. We bet on the valorization of what we already are, namely through the unique environmental and technological condition, and to qualify our cultural agents network, our cultural program, and at the same time, we will take Aveiro to Europe and bring Europe to Aveiro, in a logic of City, County and Region.

Launched on June 15th 2019, in São Jacinto, on the 10th Infantry Regiment with the aim of extolling this new world, where the main weapon for usis  to take care of our Europe, promoting more cohesiveness, more solidarity, more justice , politically more united, it s exactly Culture, the Candidature de Aveiro is in the structuring phase of its next steps, also taking into account the defined in the Strategic Plan for Culture 2019-2030 and the involvement of the cultural agents of the Municipality, and in a special way by the first two subscribers to the Candidacy Declaration: the University of Aveiro and the Intermunicipal Community of the Aveiro Region.