Festival dos Canais turns Aveiro into a stage

Festival dos Canais returns to Aveiro. Until the 24th of July the city will be filled with music, theater, dance, contemporary circus and visual arts, among other art fields, with around 130 proposals from 400 artists of 16 countries, performing at 25 places.

The festival will keep underlying its connection with the territory, assuming Aveiro as a stage to establish a continuous dialogue with landscape, heritage and architecture, not forgetting the urban and exterior water channels. The main purpose is to turn the city into a living laboratory for culture, proposing new dynamics, new uses and new perspectives.

Collaboration is an important feature of the festival, both on a local as well as on an international level. It becomes a platform for cross-cultural interchanges, by receiving international artists, promoting new projects with national and international creators and gathering members of the community for several of its activities. Examples of this exchange is the invitation of the Basque Country for this edition, welcoming companies like Markeliñe, Haatik, Zanguango and La Glo Zirko Dantza. The exhibition Magic Carpets Landed is also a highlight, being one of the events that opened Kaunas 2022 – European Capital of Culture. So is the presence of the Obras Akrobad collective, within the scope of a partnership with Wallz Festival and Pilsen 2015 – European Capital of Culture, or an installation by Mouwad Laurier, based in Barcelona. The participation of the French company Transe Express, with Mù – Cinématique des Fluides is another moment to yearn for.

Festival dos Canais is free admission event, organized by the Aveiro City Council, and part of the cultural program of Aveiro’s bid for European Capital of Culture in 2027.