Focus groups discuss the cultural and creative subsectors of the city

The design of a realistic, meaningful and relevant Cultural Strategy for Aveiro implies that the cultural and creative fabric is involved in the process of its creation from the first moment of the process. For this reason, the process of listening to agents from the various subsectors of the city’s cultural and creative system has already begun, through the organization of thematic focus groups.

The idea is to create a space for informal dialogue and debate within each cultural and creative sub-sector, with the objective of generating ideas for the strengthening of each sector and finding general and specific objectives for each of them.

Thus, each focus group is dedicated to one of the eight subsectors identified as relevant to the city (Plastic Arts, Audiovisual and Digital Arts, Dance, Design, Music, Heritage, Theater, Cultural and Creative Tourism) and has a presence of about eight agents identified during the previous phase of Diagnosis and Mapping in eight cultural spaces already worked by the agents involved.

In addition to all the cultural and creative sectors and subsectors of the city, it is garanteed the presence of agents from the entire value chain of the system, from training, education and research to exhibition, dissemination and distribution, through creation, production and execution.

In all, about 65 cultural and creative agents will be heard in a joint effort and complementary definition of Anchor Projects of the Strategic Plan for Culture.