Aveiro 2027 invites everyone to be a Digital Activist

Aveiro’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture in 2027 has new a campaign that invites everyone to be its Digital Activist. The goal is to make each supporter of the project an active element on social networks, taking their message further. This initiative marks a new stage in the strategy of the Aveiro 2027 application in digital media, with contents specifically designed for these supports.
The Digital Activists’ strategy is launched through a video that challenges the entire community to be part of the project and to involve their friends. Each follower thus becomes an ambassador for the candidacy, in a horizontal perspective of the process, the brand being assumed and shared equally by all. Also on the application website, at www.aveiro2027.pt, there is a practical guide to be a good Digital Activist and to involve more and more people in the initiative. New developments of this strategy will be announced shortly.

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