In July 2018, we have started to prepare a local cultural strategy for culture. It’s an open and participative process that will assess, listen and reflect about the cultural policies that will guide the city until 2030. This strategic map will support Aveiro’s future bid for European Capital of Culture.

Aveiro believes that a candidacy to become European Capital of Culture is a strategic process that cannot be limited neither by the memory of the past nor the celebration of the present. Instead it leads to a shared vision and construction of the future based on the values of this European program:
  • Preserve and promote culture diversity in Europe by enhancing shared similarities as well as the sense of belonging to common cultural area;
  • Promote cultural contribution for a long term development for the cities according to their strategies and priorities;
  • Reinforce diversity, outreach and European dimension of cultural offer in the cities, namely through international cooperation;
  • Broaden access and participation in culture;
  • Reinforce the capacity of the cultural sector and its connections with other equally important sectors;
  • Enrich cities’ international profile through culture and arts.
We believe in this process of building a collective and shared vision for a sustainable, competitive and inclusive city.

We believe that Culture and Creativity can be relevant engines for city development.

We believe in the major role played by heritage and by the democratization of culture as a tool for active and engaged citizenship.

We believe in the power of citizens creativity, both native Aveiro people and those who adopted the city as their own.

We believe in the strength of networks and partnerships, either local, regional, national and international.

We ambition a more developed, competitive, inclusive and sustainable city and region, where Culture is the centre of the collective living.

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