International Meeting Tandem Regions – Off the Radar

Tandem Regions
On 13, 14 and 15 October 2022 the 1st International Meeting TANDEM REGIONS / OFF THE RADAR will take place in Aveiro, promoted by 4iS Inovação Social in partnership with the Aveiro 2027 candidacy.  

Through this program, 4iS Inovação Social (PT) created a prototype for Mapping Community Practices “off the radar” in the Aveiro region that will be presented on Friday 14 October, at 2pm, in Aveiro (venue to be confirmed).  

In addition to the presentation and public sharing of the Tandem Regions and the methodology, approach and results of the mapping of off-the-radar practices – OFF THE RADAR network, from 2.45 pm, workshops will be promoted (registration required) to explore methodologies and tools to enhance the cultural fabric with the beginning of the development of the network focused on EU values.  

The facilitators of these workshops are the international partners: COMM’ON (Greece), Creative Scene (United Kingdom), ARCADIA – Leeuwarden Fryslan 2028 (The Netherlands) and TM@P -The Transitory Museum Pfyn (Switzerland). All workshops will be held in English. 

Thursday, 13 October, from 10am will be the day for the internal work of the Tandem Regions programme with the international partners. On Saturday, 15 October, the meeting of the OFF THE RADAR NETWORK will take place between the regional and international partners to define the operationalisation of the network.