Rouen 2028 in Aveiro

We were delighted to welcome the team of Rouen 2028. Together we shared the challenges and ideas that are the roots of our dreams for a common future. As a sign of solidarity between both cities we received this wooden box with the message that a tree of Aveiro 2027 will be planted soon in Rouen. It’s a symbol of growing collaborations between our cultures and of the legacies we take care of.

The Water encompasses both Aveiro and Rouen. There it is the valley of the Seine, here – the flow of the Ria de Aveiro. Both contexts emphasize the importance of cultural understanding of the landscape we live in, use and maintain.

Ceramics, literature, poetry, music, architecture, contemporary arts, and artistic creation set a base for an ongoing capacity building between cultures with the support of intercultural cooperations (the France – Portugal Season 2022, CreArt, Culture Next). In the cities, the tension of rising sea levels,  the presence of climate change, and the care for the future are the most concerning issues for today and tomorrow. Thus as a part of their candidacy for the European Capital of Culture, both partner cities are keen to collaborate in a process of cultural development by applying shared values and principles in building sustainable and resilient territories, as well as by inventing new cultural experiences where humanity, science, technology and digital encounters meet.