New campaign for the Aveiro 2027 project

The Aveiro 2027 project has a new campaign. Its message takes culture and overcoming as key elements, with illustration and text as protagonists. There are 12 pieces to know until the end of the year, divided into three quarters, having started with the sentence “Cultura é só outro nome que damos à vida” (Culture is just another name we give to life).

With this action, the Aveiro 2027 project proposes a message of hope for the entire community, reinforcing the idea that culture is transversal to all aspects of life and a factor of unity. The campaign will be presented in various media, physical and digital, in a logic of increasing evolution, having a local, regional and national dimension. Mupis, billboards and screens will coexist with a digital strategy that will seek to involve supporters of the project, in different territories, inviting everyone to participate in the transmission of their values. This initiative marks a new phase of Aveiro’s candidacy for the European Capital of Culture, in a strategy that will reveal new developments in the coming months, with actions planned until the end of the year.

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