What does it mean to be part of


It means being a member of a volunteer and citizen team, a part of an open group of people who have Aveiro in their hearts. People who believe they can work in the social media environment to help to communicate our application process for European Capital of Culture in 2027.

Our mission is to disseminate the ideas and messages of Aveiro2027, by broadening the basis of people well informed about what we are doing.

How to be a

Digital Activist for Aveiro 2027?

1) Follow the official candidacy page on Facebook:

Activate the “see first” option

2) Like and share the posts published on the candidacy page on your profile.
So it helps our messages to reach more people

3) Join the conversation.
– Make comments on posts, interact with other comments, share your ideas and help activities that have happened reverberate.
– Keep the conversation alive, open, always in a friendly tone, positive and polite.
– Always respond with patience, positivity and empathy to possible negative comments about the candidacy you may find on social networks. Send us those comments (by Private Facebook Message) to allow us to act.
– Tag your friends to see yours and our publications related to the candidacy.

Can I bring more people to be

Digital Activist for Aveiro 2027?

You should.

If each of us brings another, we will be many. 

In addition to working in the digital space, can I volunteer in the real world?

Certainly. Yes.

The candidacy Aveiro 2027 is from all over the region and wants to touch people from all over the world.

We will organize a series of activities where our Digital Activists will be able to meet in person and participate in courses and actions on the ground.