Week of Culture and Technology in Aveiro

Tech Week
The city of Aveiro promotes a week with several actions and events dedicated to technology, art and culture. Between 10 and 16 October the events CRIATECH, TECHDAYS Aveiro and PRISMA / Art Light Tech will take place, combining technology, art and culture through exhibitions, artistic installations, performances, conferences, laboratories and other experiences. An initiative with the stamp of Aveiro 2027 – Candidate City to European Capital of Culture and Aveiro Tech City.  

CRIATECH and PRISMA are part of Aveiro’s candidature programme to become European Capital of Culture in 2027.  

Between October 10 and 15, in the context of CRIATECH festival, Aveiro will witness a meeting between digital creativity and technology with 40 artists from 10 nationalities, displaying artistic installations in dialogue with the city’s heritage. The itinerary will include Aveiro Museum / Santa Joana, the City Museum, the Museum of Art Nouveau, the Old Captaincy, the Carmelite Church, the Old Railway Station and the Torreão da Mãe de Água.  

PRISMA / Art Light Tech is a festival that uses light as raw material to combine contemporary art and recreational activities in public space. It is an event that integrates artistic installations, videomapping, projections and various other forms of art through light. The 2022 edition has “Fortress Europe” as its theme, with the aim of promoting values of freedom and affirmation of the European space through artistic creation. 

TECHDAYS AVEIRO aims to create a forum that invites to share knowledge between academia and industry, showing the best that is done in the national R&D centres and in the companies of the sector and raising awareness about the relevance of the sector and its importance for the modernization of the country.