Aveiro Tech City looks for creative and cultural entities for STEAM arts residencies

Applications for this year’s “STEAM Artistic Residencies” are open until the 19th of September. This is an Aveiro Tech City initiative that aims to link the creative and cultural sector to the Aveiro City Council (CMA) within the scope of the STEAM Education strategy that has been implemented in in the Municipality’s schools. The artistic residency program is intended for artists and entities in the creative and cultural sector, with headquarters or address in one of the 11 municipalities of the Aveiro Region. It will be developed during the 2022/2023 academic year. The selected entity will receive financial support of four thousand euros.

After the success of the previous editions, the “STEAM Artist Residencies” return to Aveiro schools, with the aim of promoting the development of artistic content using the STEAM methodology (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics), involving artists, teachers and students in the same creative project.

As well as Aveiro, which is a candidate for European Capital of Culture in 2027, the Finnish city of Oulu – European Capital of Culture in 2026 – will develop in a cooperative manner the same creative process, in close European collaboration, having in view a network of European cities to share knowledge and experiences in the field of STEAM Education.

Artists, cultural and recreational entities, and even micro and small companies, can apply for “STEAM Artist Residencies”. The only requirement is to already have developed work in the artistic and creative area, proposing to carry it out using the STEAM methodology. Applications must be submitted in digital format, via email aveirotechcity@cm-aveiro.pt.

With this program the Aveiro City Council, through the Aveiro Tech City initiative, also intends to emphasize the importance of exploring the “A” of ARTS in this process, advancing artistic and creative leadership contents, while maintaining the holistic concept of integrated use.

The entity selected to be part of this pedagogical and creative action will be announced after the 30th of September. It will be implemented between October 2022 and May 2023, in close link with the city of Oulu, which will include travel, regular contacts and sharing of experiences. The presentation of the final results and the exchange will take place between May and June 2023.

About STEAM Education

The STEAM strategy is already being implemented in the 42 schools of the Aveiro Municipality, from the 1st cycle to secondary levels, with more than 150 teachers having completed their training in this area. Developed in partnership with the University of Aveiro, the initiative is part of the Aveiro City Council’s political strategy, which places Education as one of the fundamental pillars of a knowledge-based municipality, preparing new generations with the necessary skills to succeed in the new digital age.

Within the scope of this initiative, carried out by Aveiro Tech City, a set of activities take place (TECH LAbs, Ciência Viva, Code Literacy and Artistic Residencies, among others), with the fundamental objective of promoting the development of skills in the areas of Science, Technology , Engineering, Art and Mathematics, to stimulate the discovery and the interest of students in these areas, creating places for experimentation and direct contact with ICTs, for an efficient, critical and responsible use of digital technologies.

The STEAM Education program emerges as a modern and interdisciplinary approach to innovation and research. It is a teaching methodology that crosses several areas of knowledge, with the aim of preparing students for a future based on STEAM skills.