(EN) Festival dos Canais em filme

This year’s Festival dos Canais was tailored in a special way, with some restrictions but nevertheless letting go of the essence of this great encounter of the people of Aveiro with the culture. We received renowned artists, released projects and innovate to offer creativity, so that nothing was lost from the legacy of past editions.

We had water as a source of inspiration for several proposals, celebrating it has an important element in our lives, assuring  sustainability  as a priority axis, proving that the Festival of the Canals is a plattform for reflection and debate. The response was extraordinary, expressed in the joy, enthusiasm and attention with which the public embraced artistical proposals, circulating around the various stages with an enormous desire to participate.

It was good to go back to present culture again in the public space and to receive such a great diversity of artists, technicians and collaborators. We thank everyone for their support, generosity and joy, which now serve as inspiration to work on the next edition. We promise to maintain optimism and plan an equally bold festival, regardless of the context we find. A commitment we made.

In the meantime, watch the video with some of the best moments of the Festival of Canals 2020.

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